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Keeping Complicated Divorces Simple

Any divorce has the potential to become an emotionally charged and complicated problem for everyone involved. This can be especially true when the divorcing couple shares significant assets. Thankfully, it is possible to resolve a complex divorce quickly while also defending your best interests with the help of a skilled New Jersey divorce attorney.

At the Ewing office of Law Offices of Sklar Smith-Sklar, you can meet with a divorce lawyer who is dedicated to helping all of their clients through such a difficult time. We know the challenges of divorce, and we are prepared to do what it takes to help you pursue the outcome you and your children deserve in your divorce.

How Our Experience Can Benefit Your Needs

When a client comes to us for help in their divorce, the first thing we do is gather all the information necessary to craft a custom-tailored representation plan for them. We understand that every divorce is unique, which is why we ensure we provide each and every one of our clients with personalized representation through issues like:

  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support and alimony
  • Divorce modifications and enforcement

While most divorces encounter these issues, we take a meticulous approach to them to make sure we are accounting for everything in your divorce.

Taking On High-Asset Challenges

When a divorcing couple has significant assets, the asset division portion of the divorce requires more attention to the details. When it comes to dividing assets like investment portfolios, vacation homes and small businesses, we explore all options of resolving the division. Additionally, we are prepared to consult with experts to help find any hidden assets, like retirement accounts or bank accounts, with the goal of seeing you receive your fair share in the divorce.

Our Guidance Can Be Your Advantage

At Law Offices of Sklar Smith-Sklar, we are here to answer your questions, explain your options, keep you informed about how we are working for you and provide you with an honest opinion of how we expect your divorce to resolve. We do not settle for “good enough” representation here, and we do not leave our clients in the dark about their divorce.

If you are facing a divorce or considering filing for one, call us at 609-568-7877 or reach out to us online to schedule your initial consultation today. We look forward to helping you enter the next chapter of your life with your best foot forward.